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Stanick Law, LLC.

Buying or selling real estate anywhere is a highly involved process. It is filled with confusing, industry-specific terminology that clouds the transaction process, unrealistic deadlines for those living a normal life with the time commitments a job brings, and fees to top it all off. As if this weren’t enough, there are several complex rules and realities unique to Essex County, NJ, and the Greater New York Metropolitan area. Regardless of the type of real estate transaction you are looking to make, whether buying a condo or selling a house, a residential real estate lawyer is a must.

Stanick Law, LLC is a residential property lawyer based in the New York Metropolitan area, with a satellite office in Jersey City, New Jersey. Stanick Law, LLC is global, representing clients from all over the world. Whether you are in the United States or abroad, Stanick Law, LLC leverages its near decade of experience to offer legal counsel and representation for those who need residential real estate litigation or a lawyer for buying a home.

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Why You Need A Real Estate Attorney, Even For Residential Properties?

Essex County, NJ Based Global Real Estate Lawyer Gets The Results You Need

There are several rules and realities unique to Essex County, NJ, and the Greater New York Metropolitan area when buying real estate like a condo or co-op. When buying a property, it is best to know what exactly you are purchasing and all the terms of the transaction. This prevents surprises down the road that may cost you significant amounts of money.

Many do not know, but in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area and Essex County, NJ, you actually buy a share of a condominium association when you “buy a condo.” You can think of it as buying shares of a publicly traded corporation listed on an exchange. The shares you receive upon your purchase finalizing designate your stake in the association. They also document your proprietary lease to the apartment you “bought.” Accessing a residential property lawyer is a safe way to navigate these seemingly strange issues.

As far as rules, a good example is how the land on which a building is can revert to the original owner in Essex County, NJ. Being unaware of this, much less if a potential property would be susceptible, could have massive consequences for you. This could require you to bear costs or find a new residence altogether. Many of these complexities apply to the seller as well.

There are many cases where these complications exist even when buying a home. When making arguably the biggest purchase of your life, it is best to have a dedicated and experienced guide at your disposal. This ensures the process and transaction go as smoothly as possible. Having a lawyer for your family home purchase like Stanick Law, LLC is the key.

A residential real estate lawyer would mitigate complications by examining the master deed. This is something you may have difficulty accessing, much less making sense of. In this situation, it is also to your advantage to uncover other financial documentation and assess whether other risks are in store, including the association’s board minutes, financial statements, and budget.

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What Stanick Law, LLC Does For You?

Essex County, NJ Based Global Real Estate Lawyer Gets The Results You Need

We focus on the following when handling your residential real estate transaction:

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Stanick Law, LLC. has the global, multicultural, and professional perspective you need when buying or selling a property in Essex County, NJ. Give Stanick Law, LLC. a call now and see what our expertise tailored specifically to your case can do!

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