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“Since taking over my immigration case, Ms. Stanick, has gone beyond the ordinary to demonstrate her sense of compassion, dedication and legal experience in Immigration Law. Ms. Stanick has put in all of her legal experience in writing and communicating, internationally and nationally, to ensure that I receive my long overdue status of United States Citizenship and unite me with my family. Ms. Leann Stanick, has traveled across state-lines and spent hours to plead my immigration case when I could not make it to a hearing.”– G Umvalli L.  

“Leann made my first time home buying process seamless. Although there were so hurdles on the closing day, Leann stayed with me throughout the whole day making sure I got the keys in hand before she left. Thank you so much!!” – Jeevanandha R.


“Typically if you hire an attorney for your legal issues, you get it done and move on. But Leann, after the first time she helped me read the Real Estate contract, I know I want her for my future legal needs, and furthermore, I would treat her as a friend too! Unlike some other attorneys, she is not money-driven; she always charges a fair amount for each case. On top of that, she brings in significant legal experience, and she is responsive, diligent, attentive to detail, thoughtful, and supportive, which helped us in getting good outcomes in our cases. So far, she has been super helpful during multiple legal matters [Real Estate, Business, and Immigration] for us. In sum, we highly recommend Leann to you!”– Zhidan Z.


“Leann is a very genuinely amicable person who was very forthcoming in her opinions about the processes to be followed when applying for a Green card. She goes out of her way to provide support and follows up at regular intervals to find the status of the case. This was the first time I ever approached an attorney for anything and it was a breeze!”– Vijay G.


“I can say it was a blessing to be able to not only get my papers but know I actually felt like my frustrations were taken into consideration & now I’m able to live and travel. Thank you so much for helping me get more informed. I would highly recommend [Leann] to any & everyone who is having immigration issues!”– Steeve S.

  “The English language does not contain sufficient laudatory words to describe the performance of Stanick Law. They came in late to my real estate transaction but took the case and ran with it, solving several problems with mortgage companies and other impediments to the closing. Unlike most attorneys who consider it their job to slow the process, Leean takes the position to get the job done quickly and efficiently. I am truly impressed.” – Robert S.


“My wife and I were incredibly confused by the Green card process because of so many variables pertaining to her status. Leann has done an amazing job simplifying the process for us by weeding out what we needed and what we didnt. She is incredibly knowledgeable and would recommend her to anyone in need of help.”– Abbas M.


“From beginning to end (upcoming later this week), Leann has been on top of everything throughout this first-time home purchasing process. From day 1 – she’s been what you’d want from someone on the legal side representing and helping you navigate this normally stressful journey. And while stressful for a wide variety of obvious and not so obvious reasons, Leann has been by my side every step of the way – always sure to bubble up every little detail that has been thrown our way; I couldn’t recommend her and her services enough and will recommend her in the future for anyone that might need similar legal aid down the road – an absolute rockstar to work with. 11/10″– Victor L.


“Leann help me with my Immigration issue. Always returning my text messager or emails in timely manner. I will also use her if I will need in the future. I recommended her to a friend that had an issue with his papers.”– Massimiliano P.


“We were very fortunate to have been represented by Leann. She was able to provide us with knowledgable, timely, and effective legal services. Leann never hesitated to make time to discuss our case and help in any way possible. We were put at ease knowing we had one of the top immigration lawyers available at our disposal. Leann came up with both practical, and out-of-the-box solutions to help bring our case to a close. So grateful or all or Leann’a help and dedication.”– Shamar W.


“Really appreciated, her time and her work ethic, what a lovely person. I appreciated her knowledge and attention to detail. Would go back for sure.”– Jalila J.


“I was referred to Leann Stanick at Stanick Law from a realtor and I have to say, she was very pleasant to work with. I needed a lawyer for a real estate transaction. She was on top of things, kept me informed and handled the task at hand very professionally. Any questions I had, she was informed and able to answer them. The outcome was successful, which is what I wanted! Going forward, I would recommend Leann to friends or anyone who needs her service.”– Tamika A.


“Stanick Law was great to work with. As a first time home buyer, Leann was able to provide details and walk us through the entire process from start to finish. She explained changes in the process, different requests from the buyers attorney, and guided us in our decisions. Most of all, she supported us in what we wanted and needed. Leann was transparent and straightforward, which we so appreciated. I would use her services again in a heartbeat! Thanks Leann!”– Madeline K.


“I was referred to Stanick Law by a friend and Leann well exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge and professionalism were top notch! My real estate transaction went smoothly and I can’t thank Leann enough. Leann was prompt in responding to all of my questions and kept me apprised every step of the way.”– Susan R.


“Working with Leann was amazing, she’s knowledgeable of immigration law; she’s always available and ready to explain any documents that we did not understand. Her fees are so reasonable, she handles everything & make the process very easy. I’ll be referring anyone in need of an immigration lawyer to Leann Stanik of Stanick Law Firm.”– Marilyn L.


“Stanick Law played an instrumental role in our startup process. They took our due diligence process to another level by asking critical questions about our business practices. They drafted robust agreements and NDAs to safeguard our intellectual property. They also assisted in the business formation process. Forming a legal business entity can be intimidating due to the tax complexities and all of the rules that come with this process. Stanick Law streamlined this process by helping us select the appropriate structure for our business and ensuring that we were compliant with all of the regulations- super important. As a startup, you always think someone will steal your idea; with Stanick Law, you can rest easy knowing that your ideas are protected. They are more than lawyers; they are your business partners, mentors, and the first line of defense against our litigious society.”– Rondel K.


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