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Stanick Law, LLC

Stanick Law, LLC

Attentive, personalized legal support for those seeking immigration to the United States.

People have a variety of reasons to immigrate to a new country. They may have relatives or close friends who live there, or they are seeking better work or education options. Perhaps they want to experience a new way of life. Or maybe they are trying to escape an unwanted environment in their home country.

As an immigrant herself, principal attorney Leann Stanick understands immigration issues firsthand. Our firm is passionate about helping other immigrants from the Caribbean Region and beyond.

Stanick Law is dedicated to serving the immigrant community with legal services customized to fit your needs. Whatever your reason for immigrating, our immigration attorneys can walk you through the process. Together, we will ensure that your immigration journey moves ahead as seamlessly as possible.

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Do I Need An Immigration Lawyer?

The Caribbean Region’s Choice U.S. Immigration Law Firm

Depending on the type of visa you need, the immigration process may be quite complicated. Trying to understand immigration laws, choose the right visa, and properly complete your application can be challenging. It often involves an overwhelming amount of paperwork and documentation.

An experienced U.S. immigration lawyer will discuss your circumstances and help you determine your visa eligibility. They can also verify that you have everything required before submitting your application, which may save you time and money.

When immigration is not done properly, illegal immigrants could face deportation, fines, and even prison time. Working with a professional immigration attorney will ensure that you follow all legal requirements so you can successfully begin the new chapter of your life.

Types Of U.S. Immigration Visas

There are a number of visa types that serve different purposes. If you are coming to the U.S. from the Caribbean Region, you may be interested in a work visa, student visa, family-based visa, or another visa type.

At Stanick Law, we can advise you on which visa may be best for your particular situation. Some examples of common visa options include:

Besides those listed above, there are many other types of visas for immigrants. This includes Green Cards, which allow for permanent residency in the U.S.

Each visa has specific fees, requirements, and limitations. Our immigration law firm can help you understand the visa options that may be available to you. If you reside in the Caribbean Region and you need a family-based immigration lawyer, a green card attorney, or a business immigration lawyer, reach out to Stanick Law today.

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Customized Service From Our Immigration Attorneys

The Caribbean Region’s Choice U.S. Immigration Law Firm

If you are seeking an immigration lawyer who serves the Caribbean Region, Stanick Law is here for you. From providing counsel on immigration laws to helping with visa applications and more, our knowledgeable immigration attorneys will guide you along the way.

As a smaller law firm, we are able to provide you with the individual attention and support you deserve. We take pride in our personalized legal services that prioritize your specific immigration needs.

For assistance with immigration issues, or to find out more about working with our immigration law firm, contact us today. We are available by phone at (201) 500-8164 or by email at

Phone Icon5- Minute Inquiry Call(201) 500-8164

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