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Bergen County Immigration Attorneys Assist Wave Of Business And Tech Migrants

As Covid’s stranglehold on international movement continues to weaken, new and growing categories of immigrants are settling near tech and business hubs like New York; which New Jersey’s Bergen County is poised to benefit from. With the assistance of experienced immigration attorneys, like Leann Stanick at Stanick Law LLC, workers in tech or other booming business and investment sectors are arriving in ever greater numbers.

Covid’s Grip On Immigration Loosens, Offering Opportunities Investors Are Eager To Seize

Bergen’s county population fell in 2021, for the first time in the last few decades, and Covid, as usual, is undoubtedly to blame. While some of that change can be attributed to mortality and people moving away from the big city, a large part can also be attributed to a steep slump in immigration that affected New Jersey and the rest of the country.

Now, however, those numbers are finally starting to rise again. While all sources of immigration are picking up, some are rising faster than others, notably skilled employment and investor immigration.

High skills immigrants have always been at the heart of American success and excellence, and the rates at which new arrivals are being drawn in by booming economies like New York City’s only seem to be accelerating.

Yet another immigration category that appears to have recovered robustly is investment migration, where those willing and able to invest capital in US businesses and enterprises are given visas to do so. A sector that could prove particularly promising for New Jersey and Bergen County.

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What Do Tech And Other Business Employees Need To Immigrate To Bergen County?

Bergen County Immigration Attorneys Assist Wave Of Business And Tech Migrants

By far the fastest growing category of immigrants to the US post-covid has been employment-based, especially highly skilled workers and specialized graduates. While total immigration in 2022 was still down 7.5% compared to pre-pandemic 2018 levels, employment immigration rose by over 100% over the same period.

The three main categories of employment immigration, E1, E2, and E3, follow similar procedures but entail quite different qualifications and conditions for acceptance. All three need to get a certification from the Department of Labor and their prospective employer needs to fill out form I-140, or the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker form.

The categories are far from identical, however, and each has sub-categories of employment or skills. Knowing which category a particular skill set will allow you to apply for, as well as the steps required to bring family members, is the domain of immigration law.

Business immigration law firms, like Stanick Law LLC, serve clients in an ever-growing number of Tech or IT fields like ArtificiaI Intelligence start-ups, from all over the world, who are seeking to emigrate to areas like Bergen County, NJ.

Investment Immigration Returns In Force With The Help Of Business Contracts Lawyers

While Bergen County may not be the biggest target for the wealthiest of immigrants, whose purchasing power gives them a unique shot at a US visa, residents certainly may benefit from their growing numbers.

Investor immigration visas also fall into the E (for Employment) category, but these visas (EB-5) have very different requirements. Rather than special qualifications, skills, or training, those who wish to immigrate as investors need one thing above all: capital. They need to have the means and plans to invest substantially in a US business or start one here, with the aim and objective of creating jobs.

Jobs that will certainly not be unwelcome in Bergen County, NJ, which is still recovering from the pandemic and subsequent recession.

However, just having money is not enough to guarantee an investor visa. The conditions are just as complicated, if not more so, than for other employment categories, and those who wish to do so in Bergen County or elsewhere would be wise to call on a specialized business immigration law firm.

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Bergen County Business Immigration Law Firm Powered By Immigrant Attorneys

Bergen County Immigration Attorneys Assist Wave Of Business And Tech Migrants

The immigration process is always somewhat stressful, and can occasionally be quite complex and harrowing, especially when families are involved. Those seeking employment or investment visas can improve their chances, however, by calling on specialized immigration attorneys.

And among those immigration attorneys, who better to help clients seeking to immigrate to New Jersey’s Bergen County than those who have already been through the immigration process themselves? Leann Stanick, partner at Stanick Law LLC and specializing in US and international immigration law, is herself an immigrant to the US.

Having both navigated and benefited from some of the very same employment visas as those she helps her clients obtain, Leann Stanick and other immigrant business contract lawyers are ideally suited to help those seeking to take part in the rising wave of post-covid immigration.

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